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Suzuki Boulevard M109 - Reviews

Suzuki Boulevard M109From his humble beginnings strapping engines onto bicycle frames Michio Suzuki created a love for powerful bikes. Combing power, performance, and comfort Suzuki keeps up that tradition with the Boulevard series. The Suzuki Boulevard M109 is a fast cruiser that deployed the best of the technology of its time to give a comfortable town cruise down the side roads, or a fast and fun hop down the back roads and highways.

A 1783cc engine packs this trolling cruiser with enough punch to power down any highway and yet it still remains calm and collected on the streets of home. The Boulevard M109 is easy to handle and has a low slung build that makes it easy to sit. This big guy is no lightweight. The Boulevard M109 is pure muscle cruiser packing in at 694 pounds of pure power and style. A 5 speed transmission directs the liquid cooled engine and dual exhaust pipes make it purr like a kitten in town and roar like a lion at top speed on the backstretch.

The Boulevard M109 is super reliable, starts quick, keeps running as long as you want it to and looks great doing it. It may never out run a super bike but it is a heck of a lot more comfortable than they are and still puts out plenty of speed for any average roadway.

Advantages: Very reliable, priced within reach, great to look at. Anyone can ride this bike.

Disadvantages: Not a speed bike. If you are looking to win a back road race look elsewhere.

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