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Suzuki DRZ 400 - Reviews

Suzuki DRZ 400The Suzuki DRZ 400 is a great sport bike that will make people stand up and take notice as it speeds by. If they don't, it is happy to stand up and make them look. This bike is as at home in a full speed wheelie as it is zooming through an obstacle course or raging down the pavement. The DRZ 400's great front brakes will stop it on its nose. It is a stunt riders dream machine, and a sport enthusiast's perfection on wheels.

In spite of all of its jump and pump this bike has so much control that even a beginner can learn to love its playfulness. It does take a road kit to make it street legal. Otherwise play with it on the back roads, on the track, or motocross course and have a ball. It handles twisties easily and has a sturdy frame to handle all the bumps and landings you deliver.

It is not the fastest kid on the block but it wasn't meant for super speed it was designed for maneuverability and that it does extremely well. It is so designed for the idea of stunt riding, obstacle weaving, and other generally fun bike endeavors it has little skateboard wheels threaded through the hubs of the front rear wheels to guard the bike on a dump. The DRZ 400 will slide on the skateboard wheels rather than destroy the bike itself if it lands on its side.

A 398cc engine is powerful enough for most riding and excellent in supermoto. It is a very tall bike with a seat height of 35 inches but lightweight at 295.4 pounds. That lightness translates into super handling for any stunt.

Advantages: The ultimate playground for sport riders.

Disadvantages: Not super fast, will require a kit to be street legal. Tall for smaller riders.

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