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Suzuki GS 850 - Reviews

Suzuki GS 850Rugged, tough, dependable, and fun is the best way to describe the Suzuki GS850. It has power and class. The GS850 is a sport tourer that looks like any good touring bike should—upright, easy to handle, and pretty, but most of all comfortable. This is a bike you can ride anywhere as long as you want and feel good doing it. The Suzuki GS850 makes a great addition to any classic metal lover's garage as well. It has the charm and feel of a vintage bike with power. It can keep company with any modern day tourer but sit pretty in a vintage collection.

Gets up and goes fast, stops quick and reliable. Everything a beginning biker needs to learn how to feel comfortable on a bike. Even a new rider can get on and take off on a long distance trip with this bike that nearly babysits its rider while still giving all the power a skilled rider could wish for.

An air cooled 843cc engine with a top speed of 123 miles per hour (198 km/h) provides a whopping 77.6 horsepower (57.1 kW) at 9,000 rpm and 65 pounds (6.6 kg) of torque at 7,500 rpm. Whatever your riding needs are: commuting to work, or buzzing down the highway cross country this bike can and will do it with pride and power. It has a low maintenance approach and excellent stability making it a joy to own.

Advantages: Great bike for any skill rider with a lot of very controllable power. Lots of chrome gives it a very custom look. Classic bike. Low maintenance. Super easy to handle for any size rider.

Disadvantages: Could use more seat padding. Dated look can be disadvantage or advantage: vintage lovers find it extremely appealing.

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