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Suzuki Marauder VZ 800 - Reviews

Suzuki Marauder VZ 800The Suzuki Marauder VZ800 is a hot rod type bike with kick and power. It likes to thunder along more than it likes to rumble slowly and is at its best in mid-range levels of speed. It has a very upright seating and is as easy on the body as it is on the eyes. Its custom look attracts a lot of attention no matter where it is, standing still or screaming past. In the cold it tends to be less accommodating and has a tendency to die out.

As big as it looks it really is not a bike that is comfortable for really large riders. Any rider over 6 feet tall or heavier than 200 pounds is going to feel this bikeóreally feel it. For smaller, shorter riders it is a dream. It caters to both sexes and is loved equally by both for its muscle appeal. It loves to move and has a great torquey power at high speeds. It has a relatively small fuel tank 3.4 with .8 in reserve for such a big cruiser and only gets about 47 mpg. It thunders up to 65 mph before the wind pressure becomes too extreme. Up until that speed it is a great ride but it does not handle bumpy roads well, and the rider will feel every hitch in the road.

The Suzuki Marauder VZ800 is a massively impressive bike that is easily mistaken for a Harley. If you like attention you'll love this bike because it gathers up a lot of it.

Advantages: Beautiful, aggressive looking bike that handles well at high cruising speeds.

Disadvantages: Small fuel tank capacity, poor low speed handling, poor clutch. Poor cold weather performance.

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