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Suzuki RMZ 450 - Reviews

Suzuki RMZ 450Being the first fuel injection entry in a motocross bike is only a part of what makes the Suzuki RMZ450 a class act unto its own. Good or bad, the fuel injection can make starting a bit trying. There is no battery. It has to be ‘kicked up’. It takes 4 or 5 good kicks to get this bike humming, but once you do, sit down and hold on tight. Once you’ve had it running and it is warm it kicks up in one or two hits. You can keep this bike running hard and even through corners in third as long as you don’t let it drop too low and stall. It pulls hard from bottom to top. If you like a bike that snaps your neck with the twist of the throttle this one won’t do it. It is smooth going all the way—but it is quick going too.

The RMZ450 is very agile for such a large bike but not twitchy or quirky. It jumps every hill, and conquers ruts as if they weren’t even there. The 449cc engine is powerful and serious in its job. It keeps the bike moving at an impressive pace no matter what the conditions. Its high end power gives great traction and keeps it glued to the ground when you want it to be, and lofts it into the air with grace where it should. It has a sturdy frame and great suspension for easy landings. In the air it doesn’t even feel like a 450. It has a ultra light feel that makes it fun and enjoyable.

Advantages: Great stability and speed.

Disadvantages: Can bog down a bit, and be tough to start.

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