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Triumph Rocket 3 - Reviews

Triumph Rocket 3The Rocket 3 happens to be the world’s largest capacity motorcycle at 2294cc. An extremely impressive feat when you see the smooth body and feel the ease of this fantastic machine made by Triumph. With a bold body frame that embraces attitude, personality and character, the Rocket 3 is where beautiful has collided with potent and intensive strength.

Although the capacity of this motorcycle is often too grand to realize, the three cylinders, liquid cooled engine is an odd accompaniment for this amount of power. A revolutionary design in the Triumph warehouse has led to a simpler engine with the In-line 3-cylinder system. Matched with the multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection, the Rocket 3 makes for great handling and a smooth ride.

Alloy wheels, a 240mm rear tire and chromed rear suspension add to the appearance the Rocket 3 is known for. A 32-degree rake and handlebars that stretch to over 38 inches wrap up the overall design and give the Rocket 3 the rounded look it deserves. With the bold features being poised together with the smooth and delicate odds and ends, the Rocket takes on many different looks; each one perfect for each individual rider.

Whether a rider is looking for strength, comfort or just a great dependable bike to cruise in, the Rocket 3 has everything in one great package. The amazing qualities that encompass this motorcycle from head to toe are felt in every ride and are seen each time the Rocket drives by. There is not a motorcycle that impresses the rider by performance and appearance more than the outstanding Rocket 3.

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