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Yamaha FZ1000 - Reviews

Yamaha FZ1000Super power is not just for superheroes. The Yamaha FZ1000 is a superbike that is also a real humanitarian. That's right, a motorcycle with enough speed and power to shake the earth but forgiving enough to keep its rider safe. Trying to define this bike can be difficult. It is a sport bike, but it is also a tourer. Down to its shocks it is a naked muscle bike and that much can easily be said for this powerhouse. It was built to run but not be a dangerous demon. It rumbles beautifully in any traffic condition and is supremely stable in twists and turns as well as in high speed on the straight.

The Yamaha FZ1000 has a controlled 143 horses running at 10,000 rpm, just a few short of the 150 a dedicated sport bike might have in the same weight class. It has a semi-aggressive seat which is both comfortable and stable. It is a very big bike and that can be a drawback for smaller riders but it is manageable even then because of its long-bodied stability. Thanks to its naked no fairings looks the Yamaha FZ1000 is a great beginner's mount as well, and that helps to keep the weight down on such a big machine. With its 31.3 inch (795 mm) seat and 410.1 pound (186 kg) dry weight it could really prove too much otherwise.

Mount up on the Yamaha FZ1000 and feel the 63.10 pounds of torque at 1,000 rpm make your heart thump as you enjoy a steady scream of power all the way to the redline.

Advantages: Stable and controllable bike that is great for beginners while giving them a real sporty muscle bike.

Disadvantages: Very big and difficult for small riders.

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