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Yamaha Royal Star Venture - Reviews

Yamaha Royal Star VentureBiking superpower companies usually go out of their way not to blur the line between sports touring and luxury touring—at least not too much. The totally separate worlds of sport cruising and luxury biking have advocates on both sides; but bikers that like to straddle that line are always grateful that Yamaha does too. The Yamaha Royal Star Venture is the ultimate blur between sports tourer and ultra comfortable luxury bike. It is a big, heavy duty throbbing road gobbler with deep cushioning and complete touring package. It is smooth, easy to maintain and has a 5 year warranty that ensures plenty of long distance fun on the road.

Right down to the dual cigarette lighter DC outlets for the rider and passenger for convenient hook ups, this bike is made for duration trips that provide all the niceties. That is just the icing on the cake to this magnificent machine. A 1294cc DOHC V4 liquid cooled engine sets up thumping power with 98 horsepower and a huge torque of 89 pounds at 4,750 rpm. A huge radiator makes sure the engine stays cool and a 5th gear override makes highway cruising smooth and enjoyable.

The Yamaha Royal Star Venture has a 4 into 2 pipe system that emits a rumbling, throaty growl that is music to any biker's ears. It has an easy to change oil filter for maintenance in a snap, and the super long 67.1 inch (1,705 mm) wheelbase ensures excellent stability and control, not to mention roomy comfort for all aboard.

Whether you are taking a trip across town, or across country the Yamaha Royal Star Venture will take you there in superior style.

Advantages: Dynamic power and comfort combined into one perfect bike.

Disadvantages: Unless you want to rocket at high speeds and are willing to forgo comfort for it, this bike doesn't have many disadvantages. It's low enough to be comfortable for anyone but it is heavy and could be difficult for small riders to handle.

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