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Yamaha TT 350 - Reviews

Yamaha TT 350Serious off road competition takes a serious bike. The Yamaha TT350 is just such a bike. It has power to handle almost any off road situation, and a rugged framework to take the beatings that motocross or trail riding gives out. It is powerful enough and definitely big enough for older, more experienced riders who demand a machine that provides the thrills and excitement this bike gives out.

A big 346cc single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled engine screams through the dirt with 33 horsepower (24.1 kW). It weighs in at a lightweight 286.6 pounds (130 kg) for great maneuverability, and acrobatic capabilities. It has an impressive top speed of 80.8 miles per hour (130 km/h) to shoot across the fields, trails, and around any motocross track at a professional level. The Showa 41mm front suspension and monocross rear suspension gives the Yamaha TT350 an amazing amount of control and the ability to breeze across rough surfaces and land from big jumps with ease.

The 36.2 inch (920mm) seat height is very tall and above the ground to allow for tremendous clearance and landing ability. Such a tall bike can be a bit unstable for untrained riders and this is a bike that needs a serious, and capable rider aboard.

For the serious off-road rider or motocross competitor the Yamaha TT350 has the power and speed to turn up the heat and make the heart pound.

Advantages: Fantastic off road bike for experienced riders with a lot of power and stability.

Disadvantages: Very big bike that is too powerful for new riders or very small riders.

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