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Yamaha TT 500 - Reviews

Yamaha TT 500Tons of torque, plenty of power, ready to roar through the dirt—that's the Yamaha TT500. This bike is a serious competitor with an attitude that will make a dirt biker proud to be a part of it. It is a bike that has developed well over time. It started out in the very early 80's as a rather chunky dirt bike and over time transformed into a streamlined, screaming motocross styled competitor. The TT500 churns with energy and looks like it wants to jump out of its skin standing still.

This bike is as surefooted as a deer and jumps like a gazelle. It is glued to the ground when you want it to be, and climbs and jumps when you need it to. It is graceful and fierce all at once. Earlier models had less suspension ability but could climb a hill like no other. Later models improved on the suspension but it still excelled in its climbing and rough road maneuverability. This bike is best ridden by experienced riders as the power and torque will overpower a beginner. Some intermediate riders might even have a hard time controlling the extreme power produced by this motorcycle.

Advantages: Superb dirt bike that handles ruts, and steep inclines like a champion. Very reliable and low maintenance. A top contender at any level.

Disadvantages: Early models suspension was too weak for jumping. Later models much better but still rough landings. Upgrading the shocks goes a long way to improving the abilities of this bike. Extreme power that will toss inexperienced riders and intimidate novices.

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