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Yamaha TTR 225 - Reviews

Yamaha TTR 225Big off road dirt loving beginners need a big powerful bike that loves the dirt as much as they do but has the power to keep them riding. The Yamaha TTR225 is a fantastic big beginner bike for older riders just discovering the fun of playing in the dirt that they forgot from childhood. It has a 223cc 4-stroke engine and 6-speed transmission for incredible power along with a generous 34.2 inch (869mm) seat so that larger riders have the ground clearance they need for sailing through the air and landing as well as tumbling through the brush on the back roads.

The bike has great balance for being such a tall machine, and it handles jumps and rugged ground smoothly thanks to an excellent suspension system. The all around excellent performance and the low initial cost as well as very low maintenance makes the Yamaha TTR225 the bike that will endear off-road and motocross sports to older riders everywhere.

The Yamaha TTR225 is a fairly mellow bike for dirt riders who need an easy to control machine to learn on. For those with previous dirt bike experience and riders wishing to get into competitive levels quickly this bike doesn't have the power. For older riders who just want to have fun playing in the dirt safely, this is an excellent bike.

Advantages: Perfect bike for the older, or larger teen to get started in off-road on. Good suspension and brakes. Easy low maintenance.

Disadvantages: Won't take the heavy work out of advanced riders or actual competition.

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