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Used Yamaha V-Max - Reviews

Yamaha V-MaxFrom its inception in 1985 the Yamaha VMax proved itself a powerful competitor that was near to unbeatable in a motorcycle drag race. It was and remains a superior muscle bike. Later models improved on stability in corners and at higher speeds that plagued the first models of the Yamaha VMax so that it became even more popular. Several other big bike makers, most notably Honda attempted to make a bike to match the VMax and get in on the market but none were able to keep up with the extreme popularity of Yamaha's VMax and most went out of production after a short time in competition with it.

Other than those few minor adjustments the Yamaha VMax remains virtually unchanged—after all, why mess with a good thing? An 1198cc DOHC liquid cooled engine is inspired by the great muscle cars of its time. A patented VBoost pushes huge amounts of fuel into the intake giving the bike a tremendous jump. The under seat fuel tank gives more stability to the bike and a better center of gravity for more effective control. A dry weight of 580 pounds makes it strong and heavy without being overly difficult to manage. The 30.5 inch seat height allows most riders to sit it comfortably although smaller, lighter riders may have difficulty with it.

The Yamaha VMax has been in production for over 20 years because it is an amazing bike that enjoys a worldwide fan base.

Advantages: Superior muscle bike with great performance.

Disadvantages: Corners a bit clumsy and can be hard for small riders to control.

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