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Yamaha XS 650 - Reviews

Yamaha XS 650The Yamaha XS 650 is a vintage custom cruiser that belongs in any collection. It is also still one of the most serviceable commuter purpose bikes for beginners to ride. While it may take some elbow grease to get a new-found classic into top riding condition it is well worth the effort with these lovely oldies but goodies. Yamaha is well-known for producing some of the most user friendly cruisers and touring bikes and these early models of cruisers prove no exception.

The 649cc parallel twin DOHC engines are powerful enough to get to where you are going at a good clip and give you a good muscle feel while maintaining excellent control and stability. The very up top and upright position of the rider provides both comfort and security to new riders. Dual disc front brakes and expanding rear brakes give plenty of stopping power for traffic situations and the controlled torque allows for reliable handling even in the most congested of areas.

A 3.96 gallon (15 litre) fuel tank allows for many miles of commuting without even looking in the direction of a gas station and with prices they way they are now everyone is looking for transportation that will give them that luxury. The Yamaha XS 650 is affordable on other levels too. Low maintenance and easy care make it a bike that won't break you to own.

Advantages: Classic vintage cruiser that is easy to ride and dependable.

Disadvantages: May take some money and hard work to get an older bike into condition.

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