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Yamaha XS 750 - Reviews

Yamaha XS 750From 1976 to 1980 Yamaha produced an amazingly popular everyday bike that became the blueprint for some of the world's most popular cruisers ever. The Yamaha XS 750 was often referred to as a triple because of the 3 cylinder parallel twin engine. With a shaft drive designed by none other than Porsche you can only imagine why these bikes zoomed to the top of the heap in sales. They were the smoothest of their class for the time period and remain one of the more popular vintage bikes of today.

These bikes have the look and feel of a retro bike because they are retro. Not built to 'resemble' the classic lines and styles, but built at the time when that was a road king in person. The Yamaha XS 750 is a true gentleman on a city street and still can keep up with highway traffic. It allows beginners to gain abilities on a bike without fear and stress. It has an upright and comfortable seating position that won't break your back as you head for work or school while also providing security and visibility.

As four cylinder bikes went into production the XS 750 and the last of the model years XS 850 were taken out of the production line up. They remain today some of the most sought after vintage bikes around and will go down in history as a wildly popular bike for Yamaha.

Advantages: Kind to beginners. Easy to maintain. Reliable. Sturdy and stable.

Disadvantages: Won't keep up with modern cruisers or other purpose bikes. Can be expensive to restore.

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