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Yamaha XS 850 - Reviews

Yamaha XS 850The Yamaha XS 850 is a classic touring bike that was produced from 1979 to 1980. It is identical to the XS 750 with the exception of a slightly larger bore giving it a heavier duty engine. The extreme popularity of the XS 850s predecessor made this bike a shoe-in for touring bike lovers everywhere. Where the 750 was a cruiser the extra power gave the 850 a touring ability that only adds to the charm of this vintage bike.

The 849cc DOHC parallel twin engine produces a whomping 79 horsepower (57.7 kW) at 8,500 rpms. That's a lot of lift off but it doesn't take off like a rocket ship. It is beginner friendly like all of the XS series and made to be ridable by anyone. At 568 pounds (258 kg) it is not a small bike. Its compact nature makes it appear smaller than it is but this is definitely touring weight and it can take the highway winds and speeds easily.

The dual disc front and single disc rear brakes are a little old-fashioned and while quite good for the time period not as quick as what many modern riders are used to and may take some adjustments for the rider. As with any powerful machine, even those meant to be kind to amateurs, riders should take some time to get used to the handling of this bike before asking for all it has. When you are ready, however, the Yamaha XS 850 will give you everything you ask for.

Advantages: Great vintage bike for collectors. Still and always a great beginner's bike.

Disadvantages: Not as fast as modern touring bikes. Braking not as advanced as modern day technology.

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