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Yamaha YZ 250 - Reviews

Yamaha YZ 250Spin up the dirt with a Yamaha YZ 250. Its 249cc liquid cooled engine is one of the last of the dying breed of 2-stroke bikes that once ruled the motocross world. It has a 5-speed transmission and an incredible speed sensitive Kayaba suspension system that provides smooth steady handling over any terrain and up and over any jump. Dunlop super knobby treads keep it steady in the dirt at any speed. This is a bike meant to get dirty. It is equally at home in the mud as it is in dry dirt and tackles all surfaces with ease.

A 39.3 inch seat makes it a very tall bike that puts its rider up above all the action and clear of any ground obstructions. It can be harder for very young pre-teen riders that are small to handle but even a young rider who takes the time to get used to it can learn how to ride this powerful bike. It is made for competition but so stable that beginners can learn how to handle the mud with it.

The Yamaha YZ 250 is a dirt lovers delight—it plays dirty.

Advantages: Even though a 2-stroke can be hard to ride at high speeds once a beginner learns how they may never want to switch to a 4-stroke. The lightweight aerodynamics of this bike make it easy to toss into the air and perform acrobatics, and have a load of fun.

Disadvantages: Difficult for beginners to handle at top speeds. Hard for smaller riders to balance and control.

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